Working in the Open

We work in the open to improve security, accountability, and sustainability of the product. Working in the open allows for more eyes on the code and helps generate more feedback and support from partners. Just like a blameless retrospective, this allows us to iteratively and constantly continue to get better.

We are transparent because we want to build trust and be more efficient. By being open about the work we do and releasing it publicly, we are able to build trust with our partners, the public, and our leaders because we’re communicating and sharing our resources every step of the way.

We are paid by the American taxpayers and should be accountable to them by reporting our progress by working in the open and constant communication. All of our work is subject to FOIA requests, so proactively being open about it helps drive this accountability.

Working in the open avoids unnecessary costs to the government. Using open source software helps prevent vendor lock-in so agencies have more freedom of choice for service providers when maintaining, supporting, and updating the code. Vendor lock-in is a big challenge in the federal government that drives up digital product development and support costs exponentially.

By releasing our work as open source, we can also allow for reuse by other agencies and organizations so they can save more money.