Crafting a vision

When working with an external client, you should focus on helping them understand and articulate their vision. While you can undoubtedly come up with a great vision for the project all by yourself, it's not sustainable---because you're going to walk away from this project and leave it in your client's hands. Our goal is to help our partners grow their internal practices, and teaching them how to set a strong vision is an important first step on that journey.

Below are some outcomes 18F product managers drive when creating the vision:

  • The vision is aspirational yet achievable
  • The vision supports the broader goals of the organization
  • The vision ties back to the problem statement
  • The development team, executive sponsors, and any other key participants are all on board with and committed to the vision
  • There are measurable outcomes that communicate the positive impact of the intended changes
  • Document the vision and keep it visible and central. Refer to it regularly
  • Regularly reconsider the vision and update as appropriate