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Develop a strategy

Once you have a vision, you need to align on how to realize it. It’s helpful to think about what elements to consider in your strategy and how they may relate to one another.

Below are some outcomes 18F product managers drive when developing product strategy:

  • Clearly articulate accessible short-term and long-term goals that tie into achieving the vision
  • Develop goals that are measurable, flexible, adaptable, and subject to change based on external input or new direction
  • Include the project team and partner in developing the strategy
  • Identify, inform, and engage stakeholders that can provide additional resources, including decisions around legal/policy, compliance, technical, or security matters
  • Be ready to speak to the value of the proposed product or service to a variety of audiences
  • Think about market differentiation as it relates to your product’s value proposition (e.g. competitors, build/buy analysis, existing systems, how tech changed over time, etc.)
  • Regularly reconsider the strategy and update related documentation as appropriate